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To get to the point, and make things short and sweet, here is the breakdown of "us". Carly formed the company 8 years ago after college and worked years on her own, learning the ins and outs of the business. After a few years of shooting weddings solo, she realized that it isn't very much fun to do things alone. She recruited her best friends to take part in this photography journey. Tracy is a roommate from photography school and Brittany & Kelly are long time friends who learned the trade the old fashioned way, practice and mentoring.

Not only do we work together at Carly Short Photography, but we also own two stores in the Historic Oregon District in Downtown Dayton. We are a team through and through, and we can't wait to see what is in store next! If you would like to check out our stores, you can visit them here:

Heart Mercantile

LUNA Gifts & Botanicals

The House Mission

Carly Short Photography is a professional team of wedding, destination, adventure, and event photographers, servicing Ohio and beyond; wherever your special day takes you. We are available for travel both local and worldwide, and our clients have taken us from coast to coast and abroad to capture the most treasured moments of their big day.

We believe that every love is a unique adventure, and it is an honor and privilege to be a part of your story. We understand the importance of capturing those precious firsts, the moments which cannot be replicated. We live for these intimate moments, and it is why we love to do what we do. Your journey is unique, and we create unforgettable images that remind you of your beautiful day, the people you love, and the fun you had-and to enjoy these photographs for years to come.

Stylistically, our approach to photography is candid and relaxed, taking advantage of natural light; not the forced, overly-posed, or cliché manner of the old school. Our team has an affinity for the in-between moments, and delight in the small, simple details that can be easily overlooked by the those who are less artistically influenced. We are detail-oriented and methodical, chasing those precious fleeting moments and going out of our way to obtain the important shots to tell your story emotionally and accurately. We capture those genuine smiles and candid moments, the roaring laughter and happy tears, and transform them into beautiful, wall-worthy works of art. We aim to tell the story of your remarkable adventures authentically, and be your lifetime photographers from your special day forward.


Carly Barrett, Owner/Photographer



•Keeper of a beardly husband•aspiring herbal healer•expert grilled cheese maker•collector of cats and landscape paintings•admirer of floral anything•lover of cottages in the woods and fireflies•vintage huntress•happiest when backpacking•amateur yogi•smoothie making enthusiast•champion iPhone gamer•semi-professional camper and gardener•patron of farmer’s markets•believer in magic•herbal concoction junkie•fanatic of Harry Potter, British television, and audiobooks•devout Christian•naturalist•social butterfly•kayaking aficionado•

Kelly Fortener, Lead Photographer


•master baby handler•closet opera singer•fitness guru•mother of two•expert day tripper•believer in God and the magic of mascara•professional nap taker•collector of coffee mugs+grey cardigans•girly beer connoisseur•murderer of house plants•lover of snow•90’s music enthusiast•basket hoarder•hater of ticks, leeches, and cardio•avid coffee drinker•retired high school basketball star•romantic flick expert•chef of the most delectable macaroni and cheese•eye for interior design•pizza eating champion•

I have worked for Carly Short Photography for the past 5 years and could not be happier to be a part of a growing team that shares my passion.  There are a few places that I feel happiest: in church during an amazing worship, sitting in a lounge chair staring at the ocean, or all snuggled up in bed with my children. Put simply, I love life! I enjoy capturing the love between families, the innocence of children, and the precious moments of newborns. – Kelly

Tracy Robillard, Lead Photographer



•West Virginia native•mother of one•urban farmer•chicken wrangler•gardening extraordinaire•Dr. Suess fanatic•dreamer of homesteading and mountain living•plant hoarder•collector of sticks and stones•amateur rapper of nursery rhymes•scarf knitter•canning enthusiast•avid painter•homestyle cooking guru•hater of litter bugs•aspiring mobile coffee shop owner•woodworker and crafter•music festival fan•traveler•semi-professional ridge-runner and cliff jumper•

Growing up in the rolling hills of West Virginia nurtured my appreciation for nature and the great outdoors, and it continues to inspire my work. My photography degree served to sharpen my technical skills, and I love to challenge myself creatively. I believe in finding happiness in the simple things in life, and love capturing beautiful memories naturally for my clients to treasure. After several years of living abroad and running my own photography business, my husband and I relocated back to Ohio. I happily accepted a position as lead photographer for Carly Short Photography. Working with a team of girls who also happen to be my best friends has been a rewarding, fun experience, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us! – Tracy

Brittany Smith, Photographer


•lover of lattes, The Labyrinth, fairy tales, and happy endings, and adventures•mother of two•insomniac•guacamole addict•Wright State alumni•seeker of the silver lining of humor in every situation•equestrian•
•anti-boredom•Halloween obsessed•coffee junkie•bottom shelf red wine connoisseur•
•Craigslist hunter•documentary aficionado•
•author of a million to-do lists•amateur vintage camper restorer•afraid of the dark(still)•collector of books •drinker of top and bottom shelf wine•flea market enthusiast•purveyor of antique goods•dancing for any or no reason,anywhere•

As the newest photographer of our growing team, I am loving the adventure of both learning and challenging myself to grow. Learning photography feels like a never-ending honeymoon, and it’s a passion that blends seamlessly with my love of writing and storytelling. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to learn and work alongside.
I’m a sucker for nostalgia in any form. I admire old souls with good stories and open arms, and I’m fond of the wild, ambitious ones who dare to chase their dreams. I love seeking out the often overlooked beauty in the hum-drum details of everyday, to capturing the genuine emotions of life’s big moments. I’m well-acclimated to chaos, as my two little boys explore the world around them and ensure that I’m never low on material or entertainment.